Docker Coffee and Code

Docker Coffee and Code

on Wednesday December 6th 2017

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Review of this Meet-up:

We had a tremendous group show up at our Docker Coffee-and-Code evening.

I confess that it did not help that the person who was to lead it had to cancel at the last minute. OTOH, we slogged through Docker anyways. And, the conversation ranged far beyond Docker anyways.

Fifiteen RSVP’d and half showed up. Thank you to the two people who cancelled their RSVP.

If you think you are coming out, then RSVP. If it turns out that you cannot make it, then please cancel your RSVP.

The experience and expertise of the people who showed up is incredible. That is why the conversation is so wide ranging. I cannot over-emphasize that your peers belong to our local group and that you should come out.

I am pretty sure that I need to nail down a date with Nuno and then try this Coffee-and-Code evening again so he can go over Docker with us. Maybe more a Docker Workshop than a Coffee-and-Code.

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Meet-up in Action!

Meet-up Overview:

We are having a Docker workshop. This is a "Coffee-and-Code" style meet-up. I will be at the Magna Centre at 6:30pm to set up the tables. We have the meeting room until 10:00pm, so there is plenty of time to dig into Docker.

This workshoip follows up our previous meet-up that had two Docker presentations.

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