Micro Services in a Laravel Environment

Micro Services in a Laravel Environment

on Wednesday May 2nd 2018

7:00pm to 9:00pm

Review of this Meet-up:

Although some of our regulars who have long supported York Region PHP could not make it this evening, it is gratifying to see our "new" regulars this evening. Along with welcoming new people. A modest but very dedicated group this evening. And, as usual, very interesting conversation throughout the evening.

A goal of holding our meet-ups at the Magna Centre this 2017-'18 season is to get north. It is very tempting to hold meet-ups between Steeles and Highway 7 -- in the souther end of York Region -- but the problem with that is that we end up a "north Toronto" group instead of being a York Region group. That is, developers in the northern parts of York Region would be underserved. Given that there is a new subway at Highway 7 and Jane, the Richmond Hill Transit Terminal is at Highway 7 and Yonge, and the Highway 7 VIVA "Rapidway" extends east to Markham, we can think of south York Region as more an extension of the Toronto proper. We have a very strong Aurora contingent now that would not make the trek to York Region's "deep south" (traffic patterns are brutal). This evening devs also hailed from Barrie and from north-of-Stouffville. We are closing out this season having achieved the central goal of making PHP meet-ups accessible to an area where there are PHP devs.

I am thinking that for the 2018-'19 season, we should bring in higher profile speakers that would normally only speak at the downtown Toronto groups. It's been explained to me that high profile speakers want to talk to a group of no less that two to three dozen people. Being a small group, York Region PHP cannot attract higher profile speakers.

I think that it's time to push things a bit. I am sure the York Region PHP group right now would respond well to high(er) profile speakers, but I am also sure that the PHP community in York Region will respond well.

I've been heading up Bayview Avenue from south Richmond Hill to Mulock for these meet-ups. I cannot begin to convey the incredible growth that is going on north of Elgin Mills all the way to Mulock. I am sure that there are plenty of PHP devs who are going to be happy to discover that there is a "downtown" styled PHP group right here in "northern" York Region.

So, yes, I think next season is a great time -- our third season already -- to push things a little. To get sponsors to pay for venues and food, to have meet-ups have a "reception hour" between 6:00pm and 7:00pm, to have presentations to 8:30pm, and then have a "talk and munch" hour to 9:30pm. York Region-ers like to roll up the carpet at 9:30pm, eh! We will likely end up with many video chats as opposed to having well known people in the PHP universe show up in person, but that's ok.

I cannot promise high profile speakers that we will have 30 to 40 people in attendence. However, I think we will end up with solid attendence if we push things a bit because the York Region PHP community will respond.

This is what I am thinking. Let me know your thoughts at bob.bloom@lasallesoftware.ca.

My presentation slides are at https://www.slideshare.net/bbloom9/micro-services-and-lasalle-software.

My sense is that York Region PHP understands that we are trying to seed the group with local presenters during our start-up phase, and so is kind about me doing presentations. My sense is that York Region PHP is happy that I delved into something topical. My sense is that York Region PHP wants me to organize high profile speakers for next season and not worry about preparing any more talks! It did not help that I feel much angst about the topic and that I successfully projected that angst. We went over three technical topics: microservices architecture, OAuth2, and JSON Web Tokens.

Meet-up Overview:

Bob will review micro-services architecture, and how his LaSalle Software handles authentication.

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Our good friend Chris Hartjes is ran his first Grumpy Conference in March 2018.

Chris talks about his initial GrumpyConf at https://voicesoftheelephpant.com/2018/04/08/interview-chris-hartjes-2/


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