Testable Code

Testable Code

on Wednesday March 7th 2018

7:00pm to 9:00pm

Review of this Meet-up:

Anticipating a fuller turn-out, my goal was to kick-start a conversation about testable code. To hear the different real-life perspectives, from the point of view of where the people see the value of automated software testing.

We had half a dozen people this evening with ten RSVPs. My introductory presentation was followed by Nuno's fabulous "A SOLID Pathway to Testing" (my title!) presentation.

We understand the value of automated software testing, but much of the discussion was centred on the resistances we encounter from clients, peers, and managers. We walked through some test cases.

Cameron lugged a large screen TV that worked perfectly the first time we fired it up. THANK YOU CAMERON, your screen made a HUGE difference!

The Magna Centre has worked out wonderfully this season, but it does lack on-site presentation equipment. I talk about my satisfaction with this venue in my latest podcast.

Update: saw this, thought I'd link to it: https://murze.be/write-tests-not-too-many-mostly-integration-1

Meet-up Overview:

After our last meet-up, some of us had an impromptu discussion about software testing. We left things at the idea of "testable code".

There was some head scratching about what "testable code. So at our March meet-up, I'm going to start the conversation with an introductory presentation, and then go around the room as there is a lot of experience to learn from. As we delve deeper, I have material to draw from to further our discussion.

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Our good friend Chris Hartjes is ran his first Grumpy Conference in March 2018.

Chris talks about his initial GrumpyConf at https://voicesoftheelephpant.com/2018/04/08/interview-chris-hartjes-2/


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